Your own Burner Wallet in 3 minutes: Introducing the Burner Factory (prototype)

Over the past few months, there has been incredible support for Austin Griffith’s project.

While the Burner Wallet may eventually become a popular tool for peer-to-peer payments, today it is best used for pop-up economies at events, as well as demonstrating new layer-2 solutions.

The Burner Wallet is more than just an application: it is a platform for building simple blockchain applications with a focus on simple user experiences

A new, modular Burner Wallet

In order for the Burner Wallet to be successful as a platform and and as a framework, it needs to be built with an architecture that is modular and extendable. This will allow developers to easily customize the wallet to suit their own needs.

To encourage a more modular architecture, I released a paper proposing a project built on a number of composable modules.

These modules can be divided into two categories: the front-end UI components, and the underlying blockchain code. These blockchain-modules make up the burner-core project, which is currently being integrated in the existing Burner Wallet.

However, there is also incredible value in making the user interface modular. This allows developers to not only customize the assets that can be traded in the application, but also add exciting new features, such as games or innovative new methods of sending assets.

I decided to start from scratch, and build a new Burner Wallet from the ground up. Like the current wallet, it uses burner-core to all transactions and blockchain queries. However, it also allows for different pages and features to be included by the developer, and provides a robust Plugin API for extending functionality.

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With this new architecture, any Javascript developer can throw together their own Burner Wallet with just 30 lines of code:

This code is so simple, I figured why not make another site that can write it for you?

Introducing the Burner Factory

I’ve put together an early prototype of what I’m calling the Burner Factory: a simple website that lets a user configure a new Burner Wallet and deploy it to a new website without writing a single line of code!

Try it out:

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After logging in with Github, you can select from a list of tokens to use, or add any ERC20 token. You can also choose which exchange methods to include, currently it supports all Uniswap pairs as well as the Dai-xDai bridge. Finally, pick a subdomain, and after about 5 minutes of compiling, your new wallet will be deployed live to the world!

Just as allows easy deployment of the open-source Wordpress project, the Burner Factory may one day be the go-to site for launching light-weight crypto wallets using the Burner Wallet.

All of these projects are very much early prototypes, the factory was put together in about 3 days. I’d love to continue working on these projects if there is community support, so please let me know what you think!

Interested? Excited? Looking to contribute?

Interested in supporting the Burner Wallet project? Want to write some code or follow the project developments?

Join the telegram group, look through issues on Github, and check out the website for the Burner Wallet Collective.

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