grows up!

David Mihal
3 min readMay 5, 2021

CryptoTwitter’s favorite site is getting a much-needed upgrade.

The History

The time was July, 2020. “DeFi Summer” was getting into full swing, as more and more protocols embraced the power of yield farming, and token valuations began swinging wildly.

Amidst this burst of energy, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams sent out the following tweet, speculating on when Uniswap would flippen the almighty Bitcoin for total fees paid.

I immediately was fascinated with this metric. Remember, most of the crypto world didn’t even know what Uniswap was a this time. Yet Uniswap was on a path to earn more revenue than Bitcoin, while Litecoin was earning less revenue than the cost of 160 hot dogs. 🌭

I wanted to track this stat in real-time, so I quickly whipped together a website that listed the daily fees of major layer-1 blockchains, as well as the fees collected by Uniswap V2.

The site was simple. And it was pretty ugly.

It took me another month, before I decided that someone else might find this site interesting…

Fast forward to today, and is receiving thousands of daily users, and images of the “top fees” list is constantly being shared on Twitter. It has become a trusted source for protocol revenue data, being cited by Coindesk and And the success of the site has spawned other “info sites”, such as,, and more.

CryptoFees 2.0

Today, a new version of has been launched!

At first glance, it’s the same old site that we’ve all come to love: a simple list of the largest crypto projects, ordered by the total fees collected in the previous day.

However, you’ll notice a few new buttons above the table. One new feature is the ability to time-travel back to any date in time, and view the fees on that day.

Just look how low fees were a year ago!

Fees on May 5, 2020. A simpler time…

Clicking on any row on the site will slide open a card, with additional details about the protocol, including what the fee model of the protocol is.

We’ve also added one of the most requested metrics: a price-to-sales ratio!

Clicking on the “More Details” button will bring you to a dedicated page for each protocol, where you can view the fee data charted over time. You can also add a second protocol for comparison, letting you check out events such as Ethereum first flipping Bitcoin during DeFi summer, or the various times that Uniswap has flipped Bitcoin.

Ethereum first flipped Bitcoin for total fees in June, 2020

This new site also provides a simple API, allowing any site to tap into this fee data.

All of these new changes are available thanks to a complete re-engineering of the CryptoFees back-end. 🤓

Next Steps

This update opens the door for many more exciting new features on Many similar features will also begin launching on CryptoFees’ sister sites like

I’ll also resume working through the long list of protocols that are applying to be listed on the site. If you’d like to see a project listed, feel free to submit an application. is a community-oriented, open-source project. If you’d like to support the development of the site, you can donate to our Gitcoin grant, and join our Telegram group to discuss the site further.