Burner Wallets & BuffiDAOs: ETHDenver 2020 Recap

An ambitious goal

  • Do everything that the previous wallet did (purchasing food & drinks with a BuffiDai token)
  • Power an immersive game where users can earn XP points by completing challenges from sponsors
  • Let users propose and vote DAO submissions using the XP they’ve earned
  • Feature an interactive PegaBufficorn “retro-videogame” style UI
  • Include plugins and integrations from event sponsors such as Fortmatic, Unstoppable Domains, etc
  • Provide additional information for event attendees, such as a schedule of talks and other events
  1. A wallet for hackers and other attendees to use
  2. A wallet for sponsors to use to distribute XP
  3. A wallet for food truck vendors to receive orders
  4. A “landing page” wallet to allow users to access their account before launching the full wallet
  5. An “admin wallet” for our team to manage the event and debug issues

Onboarding hiccups

Photo: Austin Wright

Whiteblock’s hardware saves the day

The teams from Whiteblock and Splunk working with us to set up physical infrastructure and gather analytics

Hungry hackers aren’t happy hackers 🍔

Image: Austin Wright

Gas Station Network worked flawlessly (with a little help) ⛽️

Graph of Gas Station Network usage throughout the event. Graph courtesy of TabooKey.

Connecting the Burner Wallet to DAOStack

And of course, the happy hour 🍻

Photo: Whiteblock blog

Things weren’t perfect, but we made incredible progress

  • An incredibly cool game UI with parallax effects and a flying PegaBufficorn!
  • A system for deterministic contract wallets that support meta-transactions, Gas Station Network, multi-sig transactions and more
  • Bridging the DAOStack system to the xDai chain, allowing fast & cheap DAO interactions
  • BurnerConnect, a Web3 provider that allows Burner Wallet accounts to be shared cross-site without sharing private keys
  • Plugins & integrations with Fortmatic, Unstoppable Domains, 3Box and Ching
  • Austin Griffith: the OG creator of the Burner Wallet. Austin drew and implemented the incredibly cool wallet design, built all the backend-servers, and most importantly kept everybody excited about the whole experience!
  • Eylon Aviv: Handled the entire DAO side of the project, such as deploying the DAO on xDai, setting up competitions, and making sure that all competitions would go smoothly.
  • Polina Aladina: our amazing project manager that kept this crazy project organized and kept all of us sane!
The BuffiGang (photo: Austin Wright)



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