CryptoTwitter’s favorite site is getting a much-needed upgrade.

The History

The time was July, 2020. “DeFi Summer” was getting into full swing, as more and more protocols embraced the power of yield farming, and token valuations began swinging wildly.

Amidst this burst of energy, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams sent out the following…

DeFi is moving fast. Like crazy fast. 🏎

So fast, the user experience of DeFi apps has struggled to keep up, leaving a large barrier for new users.

There are already a number of projects that seek to improve this UX: Argent does this by storing funds in contract wallets…

The Burner Wallet started out as a simple web application: a dead-simple wallet with a QR code scanner and send form. As the projects popularity grew, the Ethereum community came up with countless ideas for potential burner wallet features.

Can it support ENS?

Can it be used for games?


A set of building blocks for making fast, lightweight crypto experiences.

In February 2019, hundreds of Ethereans descended on Denver, Colorado for the ETHDenver hackathon. This event introduced the community to Austin Griffith’s Burner Wallet: a lightweight web-based wallet that attendees could use to buy tacos and beers. …

David Mihal

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